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THE DAILY PIC:  This is an architectural intervention by the American artist Sarah Oppenheimer, who in this case “intervened” into the architecture of the Kunsthaus Baselland, a non-profit in the suburbs of Basel, Switzerland.  (Click on my image to see a video of the piece in situ, and an interview with Oppenheimer.) Using the standard materials of modern building – glass and steel and drywall – Oppenheimer really messes with our normal sense of what’s where, and what does what. The profound destabilization she manages is especially important in an age when architects such as Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid have turned aggressive angles and curves into mere decoration that panders to the audience rather than challenging it.  Oppenheimer’s reflective panes of glass are especially notable, achieving some of the same magic that Dan Graham does in his glass pavilions.
The Daily Pic also appears at blogs.artinfo.com/the-daily-pic. For a full inventory of past Daily Pics visit blakegopnik.com/archive.

Nothing kills you like your mind

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Stitched Leaves by Hillary Fayle

Embroidered Landscapes and Plants by Ana Teresa Barboza

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The Flagpole by Froz’n Motion / Cameron MacMaster